All your games in one place

With Photon you can display and launch games from any platform and distribution system in a sleek and beautiful interface.

Picture of Photon Game Manager's cover wall interface
Beautiful Interfaces

Photon comes with several different interfaces to make you game collection look amazing. Including a replacement for Games Explorer and a stunning full-screen interface.

Picture of Photon Game Manager's cover flow interface
Easy to configure

With automatic game searching and artwork downloading features, all the hard work of managing your game collection is done for you.

Picture of Photon Game Manager's configuration application

And many more features.
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Why not try Photon today and see what you are missing?

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About Photon

Photon is an advanced game launcher and the product of many years hard work by Thomas Preece. It focuses on making your game collection look amazing and is designed to automate the process of downloading game art, game info, official patches, cheats, manuals and walkthroughs. It also has many gaming related features to make your life easier and to get the most out of your games.

Photon has 3 main parts. The first is a advanced configuration app that manages your game collection and features automated game searching and automatic Steam and Game Explorer import functions. The second is an immersive full-screen interface that really makes your game collection look beautiful. The final part is a windowed interface that was designed as a replacement for Windows Games Explorer but ended up being vastly superior to Games Explorer and equally as stunning as the full-screen interface.


Hard disk drive containing all your games

A United Game Collection

No longer will you have to open up your game cupboard and load up steam, origin and any other distribution systems to see what games you own. With Photon you can keep all your games in one place by adding games from any distribution system and any gaming platform including games consoles such as the Gamecube and PS2.
Monitor showing beautiful interfaces

Beautifully Crafted Interfaces

Owning games isn't just about playing them. Show them off to your friends in the two gorgeous interfaces provided with Photon. The first is an immersive full-screen interface that really makes your collection look amazing and the second is a windowed interface that is a vastly superior to Windows Games Explorer. Both interfaces are highly customisable allowing you to make your collection look both unique and stunning.
A rocket that is launching

Launch Games Straight From The Interface

Photon isn't just about making your games look good, it's about launching and playing those games too. And with a large amount of features in Photon focused around launching and playing games you will find it even easier to get the most out of your games.
A symbol signifying downloading

Download Artwork

With built in support for online databases you can access a huge array of game information and artwork with ease. In particular our good friends over at have over 26,000 different game's information and artwork so you'll find it very hard to not automatically get your games information and dazzling artwork.

Controller, Joystick, Touch, Mouse and Keyboard Support

We want you to be able to use Photon no matter what input device you are using. At present we support touch screen control for devices such as Windows Surface tablets, controller and joystick support including Xbox 360 controllers and many others and your typical Mouse and Keyboard for those traditional PC gamers. Different input devices also have different menus (and on screen keyboards) to make it easier to navigate no matter what input device you are using.
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Download Patches, Manuals, Cheats and Walkthroughs

Connecting to online databases, Photon can find and download updates for your old games, manuals, cheats and walkthroughs.
A picture of a games console

Emulator Support 1

We know how much you loved your Sega Genesis and N64 that are now sitting in the attic. Photon supports emulators straight out the box allowing you to further unify your game collection and play those old classics of your childhood.
Picture of a computer terminal

Advanced Features

We pride ourself in the vast amount of features Photon has, some of which may not be for everyone. Examples of some advanced features that people asked for that we added are:
  • AutoMount: allows Photon to work with programs such as Alcohol 120% to remove the need to have to insert game disks into your physical CD/DVD drive for those annoying games that require it
  • PreRun and PostRun: allows you to run custom scripts or programs before and after your game runs
  • Cabinet Mode: allows Photon to run again after your game finishes for a seamless transition between Photon and multiple games
  • PowerPlan: allows laptop users to automatically change their power plan before and after playing games

Download Photon

Current Version (V4)

You can find the most up to date version of Photon below. It is free (see the license key below to activate).

(Virus Scan of Windows Installer)
(Virus Scan of Linux Installer)

Photon V4 License Key

Photon is no longer available for purchase as I no longer have time to maintain the program. You may use the username: 'freeuser' and key: '2XHFK-EQK8K-G5LAH-83SG2' to unlock all features for free.

If you find the software useful then show your appreciation:

Open Source

Photon is no longer maintained but it is open source should you wish to update it. You can find the code at

Photon V4 Image Showcase

Photon Game Manager's Cover flow interface
Photon Game Manager's Cover wall interface
Photon Game Manager's Cover slide interface
Photon Game Manager's Info view interface
Photon Game Manager's banner flow interface
Photon Game Manager's Explorer interface with front box art
Photon Game Manager's Explorer interface with banner art

Support & FAQs

We mainly offer our customers support via email but you can also get support and information from our Facebook page, bug tracker, FAQs page and in the guides we have produced.

Old Photon Versions

I have been developing this project over many years and over those years I have gone through a few complete code rewrites which I signified by changing version number of the software. If you would like to download one of these old versions please see the link below.

  • Different countries have different laws regarding emulators and their legality so I do not accept any responsible for any illegal activities committed by use of emulators by yourself or anyone else. If it is illegal in your country DO NOT use Photon with emulators.
  • The Linux version currently doesn't support all of the features listed in the Features section and you may experience crashes and bugs.