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Below you will find downloads for Photon V3 and Photon V2. Both are completely free to use and not limited in any way. However they pale in comparison to Photon V4, so why not support me by buying a license key and getting an excellent product in return?
Version Link
Photon V4 View more about Photon V4
Photon V3 Final Click here to download V3
Photon V2 Final
(Not Recommended)
Click here to download V2

Version 3 Image Showcase

InfoView shows you the most information per game than any of the other viewing modes but you can only view one game at a time
The GameList accessable on any interface within gamemanager shows your games in a large list along with the background of that game
The GameList is also very useful for quickly finding a game by using the search feature you can quickly change a huge list into the single item you want
Accessed via clicking tools from main interface, this allows you to access various tools such as the guide and patch downloaders, the automount options and the 3 different interfaces
This screen shows extended information about the game along with 2 screenshots of the game. Also accessable from this screen is the change fanart button that allows you to change the background fanart
This menu allows you to filter games by there platform
This menu allows you to sort your games by various catogories such as developer or score
This allows you to view all of the screenshots you have taken in game using the built in screenshot taker
The much improved Database Manager is now easy to use and much better than the previous version, it makes it much easier to add you games and modify added games.