NOTE: The main source of game data used in Photon GameManager,, has been experiencing problems over the last few weeks. They appear to have fixed all the problems but if they go down again, Photon GameManager may crash. Please can you report any crashes you encounter via the 'Bugs' tab on this website. Thank you.

NOTE: Avast! antivirus has been known to be the cause of extensive crashing during game scanning in PhotonManager. This is currently being worked on to try to fix the issue but until them please either get a different antivirus program or disable your antivirus while scanning for games.

Photon GameManager V4

About the Program

GameManager is an advanced game launcher that is designed to automate the process of downloading game fan art, box art, screenshots, game info, official patches and organize the data in a functional and sleek interface, allowing you to browse, sort, filter, patch, mount and run your games.


  • Downloads fan art, front box art, back box art, banner art, screenshots and Game Info showcasing the data in sleek user interfaces
  • Includes PhotonExplorer a replacement GUI with an improved feature set for Windows Games Explorer
  • Includes PhotonFrontend a full screen interface that makes your game collection look stunning
  • The Interfaces support touch screen devices, joysticks, game pads, keyboard and mouse
  • Can run/launch games or supporting tools straight from the interfaces
  • Take screenshots in games and view them from the interfaces
  • Download and install official game patches
  • Download and view manuals, cheats and walkthroughs straight from the interface
  • AutoMount image files when you run games, unmount them when done(Requires an image mounter to be installed)
  • Run post-game and pre-game batch files
  • Quickly find your games by filtering by keyword/s or by various categories
  • Organize Games by categories such as release date, publisher or platform
  • Launch straight from the interface into games of many consoles (requires use of emulators/roms*)
*Please check whether emulation is legal in your respective country before using this feature

Recommended System Requirements

Runs on any computer compatible with below specification:

Operating System:
Hard Disk Space:
Graphics Card:
2GHz dual core
1GB(XP or below), 2GB(Vista/Win 7/Win 8)
Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Linux
50MB minimum, 200mb+ for a large game collection
OpenGL Compatible
Broadband recommended

Download & Buy

Click to download GameManager V4, its free to use for up to 5 games. For more than 5 games please purchase a license key via PayPal and support the developer.
License key costs 10 GBP and covers all platforms.

Download For Windows

Download For Linux (Experimental*)

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*The Linux version currently doesn't support all of the features listed in the Features section above and you may experience crashes and bugs.


FrontEnd - InfoView

FrontEnd - InfoView

FrontEnd - CoverFlow

FrontEnd - CoverFlow

FrontEnd - CoverWall

FrontEnd - InfoView

FrontEnd - ListView

FrontEnd - ListView

FrontEnd - BannerFlow

FrontEnd - BannerFlow

PhotonExplorer - IconView

PhotonExplorer - FrontView

PhotonExplorer - FanView

PhotonExplorer - BannerView

PhotonManager - Edit Game Window

PhotonManager - Edit Game Window

PhotonManager - Edit Game Window

PhotonManager - Online Add

PhotonManager - Game Explorer Import

GameManager Archives

These old GameManager Versions are free to use and give an overview of how GameManager has evolved over the years. Using these old versions is not recommended however as V4 is a massive improvement over the previous versions and no support is offered for these old versions.
GameManager Archive

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