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 0000035    [Photon V4]
Photon FrontEnd
minornew2020-03-03System is crashed when don't use firewalls
 0000034    [Photon V4]
Photon FrontEnd
minornew2019-11-26Managed NOC Services
 0000033    [PhotonV4 (Linux Version)]
Multiple Programs
minornew2019-11-250001589: 0000140: System is crashed when don't use firewalls
 0000032 1 [Photon V4]
Photon FrontEnd
majornew2016-07-12frontend crashes when starting
 0000031    [Photon V4]
Multiple Programs
majorassigned (Administrator)2015-07-21Slow loading with large amount of games
 00000252   [PhotonV4 (All Versions)]
Photon FrontEnd
minorresolved (Administrator)2015-07-18Photon runner does not switch to FrontEnd when closing a Steam Game
 00000241   [PhotonV4 (All Versions)]
Photon Manager
crashresolved (Administrator)2015-07-18Auto Update from Steam crashes on certain Titles.
 00000152   [PhotonV4 (All Versions)]
Photon Explorer
tweakresolved (Administrator)2015-07-18Add in links to sources for patches,manuals,cheats,etc
 0000030    [Photon V4]
Photon FrontEnd
crashconfirmed (Administrator)2015-01-08Resolution crash
  0000013    [PhotonV4 (All Versions)]
Multiple Programs
featureacknowledged2014-04-06Steam/Live Status, GamerScore, username, friends online
  0000012    [PhotonV4 (All Versions)]
Multiple Programs
featureacknowledged2014-04-06Add in Free Game Store
 0000008    [PhotonV4 (All Versions)]
Photon Runner
featureacknowledged2014-04-05Add in tracking of time spent in game.